The first private clinic in Russia announced the admission of patients with COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC


A hospital with 650 beds for patients with a new coronavirus decided to provide the Medsi network. Patient admission to a clinic located in Moscow Region will begin in the coming days.

Photo: Medsi

The Medsi network of private medical clinics has decided to reassign its flagship multidisciplinary hospital to an infectious diseases hospital to help patients who have become infected with a new type of coronavirus and patients with pneumonia. This was reported to RBC in the press service of Medsi.

We are talking about a hospital located in Otradnoye on Pyatnitsky highway in the suburbs. Reception of patients, as indicated on the network, will begin in the coming days and will take place gradually. “The hospital’s capacity is 650 beds; at the initial stage, some of them will be involved,” Medsi noted.

The chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunark named the number of patients with coronavirus

They said that the hospital was equipped with all necessary equipment, medicines and supplies in record time.

“A medical headquarters for coronavirus operates at Medsi around the clock, doctors are closely monitoring the experience of Chinese and European colleagues, both in terms of treatment and the organization of anti-epidemic measures,” the press service said.


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