Exclusive | Coronavirus | Pedrazzini lost two friends: “One was my student!” What is happening in Italy, where today 919 people have died


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In addition, unfortunately, the 62-year-old technician lost two friends, ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic.
“Everyone says it only affects old people. Unfortunately, we lost two friends, one from Cremona, one from Bergamo, who were not old. This is, unfortunately, a sad reality.
One was my student, he was 37 years old. Unfortunately, I was told that he could not overcome this virus. The other was 40, he was a nurse at a hospital. Everyone says it affects the elderly or those who have other pathology. It is not like that. We must be careful. My brother-in-law, who is with his family, lives in Latina. And we talk to them, we keep in touch “, revealed Massimo Pedrazzini at Digi Sport, within the Football Club program.

Massimo Pedrazzini’s mother and two sons of the trainer are at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

For Massino Pedrazzini, the emotions are huge, considering that his two sons live exactly in Milan, the city most affected by the coronavirus and the place where everything broke out. In addition, the coach’s mother is a few kilometers away.

Pedrazzini, who is the general manager of the academy opened by Juventus in Romania, is now in Bucharest, far from his relatives.
“I have daily contact with my two boys from my first marriage, who are in Milan, and with my mother, who is 70 kilometers away. She is alone at home, she has a neighbor who cares for her, she helps. 5 minutes ago I shut the phone in. He’s fine, he’s 86, he stays home, but the situation outside is very difficult.
I am scared because she has only me and two grandchildren, who are in Milan, but they cannot go to her because they are not allowed to leave the city, it is closed and I do not know how I can help them from here. . And I’m here, locked up in the house, with my family, my wife, two children. I’m trying to get in touch with friends, with neighbors who are there, maybe my mom needs something, shopping. I thank God that he does not need medical care yet.
Anyway, it’s a small town, everyone knows almost everyone, helps each other and that gives me a little comfort. I read, I watch TV and I talk to my boys and they say they stay for two weeks to be a true quarantine, because until now these rules were not very respected, people went out to the table, to the restaurant. Until all restaurants, malls and cinemas are closed. They probably thought it wasn’t so dangerous. “, said Massimo Pedrazzini.

Why did the Italians get out of control of the coronavirus pandemic?

The tragedy in Italy, where people die hundreds every day because of coronavirus, has an explanation. And this lies precisely in the speed of taking appropriate measures. At least this is Pedrazzini’s opinion.
“Now, the areas that are most affected are Bergamo and Brescia, they are near the border with Venetto. A lot of people have died, especially old people. It is a big problem with hospitals, the health system is collapsing. And if there are many people in need of intensive care, priority are the youngest. Older people are probably sent home to suffer, they have nothing left to do. This is the tragedy that is happening right now. (…)
I heard on TV that the government initially said it was just a flu, that it wasn’t so dangerous. Probably they weren’t expecting the wave of infection to come so big and so fast. They found them a little unprepared. Unfortunately, it started very much in the north, where there are many communities of Chinese. Probably who went to China, and then returned … And many companies have relations with China, for many materials, ” said Pedrazzini.

  • In Italy, there has been a new high in coronavirus deaths. Died 919 people in 24 hours, the highest figure so far in this range.
  • Until Friday evening, at 22:00, the balance in Italy comprises 86,498 total illnesses, of which 9,134 deaths and 10,950 people cured.

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