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In the Netherlands, 546 people have now died of the disease. The virus has been detected in 8603 people. View the here Map from The Netherlands.

The main points:

  • Corona fight in a supermarket in Brabant: man throws over old man
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is tested positive on the coronavirus
  • Coronavirus also in the Kremlin
  • Stranded Dutch people enroll themselves en masse repatriation
  • Hospitals in Paris region overcrowded within 48 hours
  • Additional police patrols in Hasselt due to corona outbreak
  • Police officer out of office darken bottles of hand gel
  • Fear of corona golf in Louisiana after Mardi Gras
  • Rotterdam mosques are also available for the care of corona patients
  • Australia deploys army to enforce corona measures
  • Pope gives special blessing to an empty St. Peter’s Square
  • Macron: US and France prepare initiative against corona
  • Nicaragua reports first corona death
  • Another sixty patients moved from Brabant
  • Criminal pops up corona crisis
  • “USA has the most corona infections worldwide”
  • Roche boss: recipe and method corona test available
  • Inspection: chloroquine do not prescribe it as a preventative


From the sports world:

From the entertainment world:

  • Rammstein singer Till Lindemann on intensive care by corona
  • Bolshoi Theater shows performances online for the first time
  • Oerol gets modified version due to corona crisis
  • Anouk stirs fans up to tears with new number from quarantine
  • Princess Maria Teresa dies to coronavirus
  • Charles infected: panic on Queen’s palace

Fear of longer waiting times for non-acute care due to the corona crisis

There is great fear that the waiting lists for non-acute care in hospitals will become much longer in the near future. That says ZorgDomein, the platform for data exchange between healthcare providers.

Since the start of the corona crisis, the number of referrals from general practitioners to hospital care has fallen by 75 percent. That amounts to 450,000 regular care requests per month that are moved to a later date. By postponing regular care, capacity is released for the admission of corona patients and new infections are prevented as much as possible.

According to ZorgDomein, this accumulation of regular care inevitably leads to increasing waiting times in the aftermath of the corona crisis. The organization advocates central coordination, uniform data exchange and continued cooperation between hospitals and independent clinics in the Netherlands.

Belgium reports 69 new deaths and cat with coronavirus

The coronavirus has claimed 69 lives in Belgium in the past 24 hours. The number of deaths has thus increased to 289. 1,049 new infections were detected. 490 people have been admitted in the past 24 hours, the Belgian health authorities report.

According to virologist Steven Van Gucht, the virus has also been diagnosed in a cat. She would have received it from her owner who was infected with the corona virus. “It is an isolated case,” Van Gucht emphasized during his daily briefing about the new figures. “There are no indications that this is common.” According to him, the cat “became the victim of the human infection.” There are no reasons to believe that the reverse can happen. “We consider the risk to people to be very small.”

The report about the cat came from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège. A week after the owner became ill, the cat also developed symptoms, including breathing difficulties. The virus was found in the animal’s feces.

There are now 3,042 people in the hospitals, but 183 patients have also been declared cured and sent home. A total of 7,284 confirmed cases were counted in Belgium.

Research at the University Hospital of Brussels in non-Covid-19 patients shows that 10 percent of people admitted without corona complaints still carry the virus. Virologist Marc Van Ranst thinks that this is a representative figure for the entire population and that one in ten Belgians is infected without symptoms, he said in the Flemish VTM News.

“This is of course good in the sense that it provides antibodies free of charge and it provides immunity to the population. That in itself is encouraging news. “

Arrests in France for theft of respiratory equipment

Two hospital staff east of Paris have been arrested for suspected respiratory theft. The men aged 29 and 42 offered the device for 450 euros on the French Marketplace, Le Bon Coin.

When the police discovered the offer on the internet, the provider had already made an appointment with a potential buyer, right in front of the hospital in Champigny-sur-Marne from which the equipment had disappeared. The police there have arrested, French media reported.

The corona virus and the scarcity it causes in health care are causing a wave of ‘corona crime’. For example, medical protection masks are stolen all over the world. Scammers also offer face masks or equipment for money without delivering. Cybercrime is also flourishing because of the many home workers.

“Electricity consumption 10 percent lower due to corona crisis”

Electricity consumption in the Netherlands is one tenth lower than usual due to the corona crisis. This was reported by Martien Visser, professor of Energy Transition at Hanze University Groningen.

“Home use will be higher because of all that working from home, but all those air-conditioned offices are on the back burner,” said Visser. “This is actually a very small decrease, because there is a lot going on in Dutch society.” Many shops, industry and public spaces are also closed.

Visser has mapped electricity consumption by applying an analysis to figures from the European organization of electricity network operators ENTSO-E and the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). This showed that electricity consumption was 7 percent lower than normal on working days last week and about 10 percent this week.

Visser also notices that electricity prices are going down. Gas prices were already low because there was less demand because of the mild winter. In addition, CO2 prices have fallen due to the corona crisis. Companies may only emit CO2 if they have the emission rights for it. Because industry and airlines are no longer running at full speed, the demand for these rights has fallen, and with it the price.

Water company Vitens sees “no crazy jumps in consumption” that can be traced to the corona crisis. People do open the tap at other times. Normally there is a peak in consumption during the week around 08:00, because many people take a shower. That peak has shifted to 8:30 am. A spokesperson suspects that some people who work from home use the saved travel time to sleep longer and therefore jump in the shower later.

Spain reports nearly 800 corona deaths in a day

Spain has counted nearly 800 corona deaths in a 24-hour period. The number of coronavirus deaths has risen to 4,858, authorities report Friday. On Thursday, the limit of 4,000 deaths was exceeded.

The number of infections also continues to rise sharply, from nearly 8,000 to more than 64,000. Spain is the most affected country in Europe after Italy.

Another hefty prison sentence for “coronaspuger”

Once again, someone who threatened to infect others with the coronavirus has been sentenced to a serious prison sentence. A 19-year-old man from Heerlen who spat on a bus driver and said he had the virus has to be imprisoned for eight weeks. He also has to pay a fine of 450 euros, the court in Roermond ruled on Friday.

The man spat at the driver last Tuesday because he wanted to take the bus, but did not have enough money on his public transport chip card. The Limburger spat and threatened in the discussion that followed.

The Public Prosecution Service takes strict action against people who use the current corona crisis in a criminal way. “This type of behavior is not tolerated,” said Gerrit van der Burg, president of the Board of Attorneys General earlier this week. The Public Prosecution Service wants to send a clear signal to society. “We depend on people with vital professions such as the police, aid workers, enforcers of the emergency ordinance and shop staff. They deserve our protection and respect. ”

Crimes include threats of infecting rescuers, agents and store personnel, corona-related chat tricks, incitement by spreading fake news, and defrauding by dealing in fake drugs.

A man from Tilburg was sentenced to eight weeks in prison on Thursday because – after a flashy theft of cans of beer – he had security guards in their faces and said he had corona and HIV. Last Wednesday, the police judge in Den Bosch sentenced a 28-year-old man to ten weeks in prison, two of whom on parole, because he coughed in the face of other people in line for a coffee shop and then spat at an officer. “Beware, corona, corona!” He called out. Last week a ‘corona oyster’ from Noordwijkerhout received the same sentence from the court in The Hague.

Bergamo fire still expects more infections

The severely affected northern Italian city of Bergamo still expects more corona virus infections, as does the region. The peak is yet to come, according to the health authorities of Bergamo Province.

The situation in the hospitals in the region remains extremely critical, a director of a health agency said on German radio. The clinics are full of intensive care patients and have reached the limit. A bright spot is the care provided by general practitioners elsewhere.

Bergamo is one of the corona fires in the Italian region of Lombardy, which is suffering greatly from the corona crisis. On Thursday, the number of new patients rose again more sharply than in days before.

Rapid rise in corona in Aruba, population must stay at home

The number of infections in Aruba has risen by nine to 28 in the past 24 hours. Due to the rapid increase, the government has taken measures and the entire population, a total of 106,000 people, can no longer leave the house as of Sunday morning.

That has been announced by Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes. It is a system of ‘shelter in place’, whereby people stay at home as much as possible, but are still allowed to shop for food and medicines and exercise outside.

Residents Bonaire may return under certain conditions

A total of 225 residents of Bonaire stranded in the Netherlands and abroad have reported in recent days with the request to return. No corona infections have yet been reported on Bonaire (20,000 residents).

In consultation with RIVM, it has been agreed that residents may come back in phases. But anyone returning must be quarantined on the island and will be taken care of. The Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland announced this.

Domestic contamination in China for three days

For the first time in three days, someone in China has been locally infected with the corona virus. That reports the national health committee Friday.

In the past 24 hours, 55 cases of the coronavirus have been diagnosed in the country, 12 less than a day earlier. According to the authorities, all new patients had been abroad in the past three days, but a domestic infection was found on Thursday in a man from Zhejiang Province.

Five people died of the lung virus in the past 24 hours. They all died in the central province of Hubei, where the virus first appeared in December. In China, 81,340 cases of the virus are known to date and 3,292 patients have died. The number of new infections in the country has fallen dramatically since the government introduced drastic measures.

China says it is open and transparent

China is open and transparent about the corona virus. Chinese President Xi Jinping assured his American colleague Donald Trump in a telephone conversation, Chinese state media report.

In the United States and elsewhere, there has been much criticism that the Chinese authorities have kept the outbreak in the city of Wuhan under control for far too long at the end of last year. Trump repeatedly spoke of the Chinese virus.

But in the conversation, Xi offered the Americans help to fight the corona pandemic. He also said that China wants to continue to share “all information and experience” about the virus with the United States. He says cooperation is the only right choice and both countries can benefit from it.

Text continues under the tweet.

Trump expressed “much respect” for China after the conversation. On Twitter, he talks about close collaboration. “China has been through a lot,” said the President. Observers speak of a conciliatory tone between both leaders after weeks of mounting tensions.

The Chinese seem to be largely in control of the outbreak. In the United States, the number of infections is increasing rapidly. More infections have now been counted than in China.

“US and France prepare initiative”

French President Emmanuel Macron and his American colleague Donald Trump are preparing a “new initiative” to fight the corona pandemic. Macron wrote that on Twitter on Friday.

Macron had a “very good discussion” with Trump on Friday about the global corona crisis, the French president said. “In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we are working with other countries to prepare a new strong initiative for the coming days.”

Papal blessing for empty St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis will lead the prayer celebration “Prayer for mankind” from 6 pm. He will then give the blessing Urbi et Orbi, a blessing for Rome and the world. Normally, the Pope pronounces that blessing at Easter and Christmas in front of a packed Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City. But the square will remain empty on Friday to prevent the virus from spreading further.

The pope’s decision to make an exception and give a special Urbi et Orbi underlines the seriousness of the situation worldwide but especially in Italy, observers said.

Louisiana fears corona wave after Mardi Gras

The American state of Louisiana is preparing for a large increase in the number of infections with the corona virus. The Mardi Gras festival probably caused the outbreak there, in which almost a thousand people were infected in a short time.

The state governor expects a shortage of respirators in five days and a shortage of beds in ten days. “This is not a gamble, this is actually ahead of us,” said Governor Edwards. Remarkably, many Louisiana patients infected with the virus require respiration: 80 percent, compared to the usual 40 percent.

New York City is also severely affected by the outbreak, with over 20,000 infections. The number of corona cases in the United States has now surpassed that of China and Italy. With nearly 84,000 cases, the United States is now the worst affected country.

Australia deploys army

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced stricter measures to stop the spread of the corona virus. The Australian army is deployed to enforce the new rules.

People entering the country must first be quarantined for two weeks. Prime Minister Morrison also said he wanted to hibernate the economy to get through the crisis. He will publish details of this later, after consultation with the federal states.

Australia is afraid of further spread after the number of infections rose to more than three thousand. Thirteen people have now died from the effects of the virus.

Coronahufters, the crisis debate in the House of Representatives, and a rare military action. That and more in the latest corona update. Listen the podcast here, below or via your own podcast app.


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