New cases of COVID-19 hide in Wuhan – Financial Times / GORDON


Wuhan authorities have reported only one new case of coronavirus infection in the past week. However, doctors working in the city claim that many patients are not registered, writes the Financial Times.

The Chinese authorities have announced an almost complete cessation of coronavirus infection in Hubei and its main city, Wuhan, but local health workers claim that new cases are often hidden. This was reported on March 27 by the publication Financial times.

Two nurses from Wuhan who wanted to remain anonymous reported to the Financial Times about hidden infections that met the national criteria for COVID-19, but were not taken into account in official calculations published by the municipality. One of the health workers believes that putting zero in the “new cases” column is extremely dangerous.

One of the Beijing doctors suggested that we are talking about asymptomatic carriers – people whose clinical indicators are normal, but the test results for COVID-19 are positive. According to the source, the authorities register these people, but do not include them in official statistics.

At the same time, a doctor from Wuhan Cao Jingchao said that on March 15, about 100 patients with coronavirus were admitted to his hospital; many were transferred from other hospitals already with a diagnosis, but some, according to the doctor, confirmed the disease later. Four days later, another 20 patients arrived. However, the local government announced that there were no new cases in the city these days.

Wuhan authorities have reported only one new confirmed case of coronavirus disease since March 18. On March 27, Liu Dongju, deputy head of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, said that the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the region was reduced from “high” to “medium,” reports Xinhua.

By information State Committee for Health Affairs of the PRC, over the past day in the country 55 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded COVID-19, of which 54 were imported from abroad.

An outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus infection began in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, where more than 11 million people live. To curb the spread of infection, the Chinese authorities imposed strict quarantine measures in January, 13 cities in Hubei were actually blocked. March 25, restrictions began to be lifted.

March 11, the World Health Organization announced the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

By given American Johns Hopkins University on March 27, the total number of people infected in the world exceeded 550 thousand, of which 25 035 people died, more than 127 thousand recovered.


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