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More than 300 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Ukraine. The coronavirus was discovered by the head of the National Police of Kyiv, Andriy Khryshchenko. Kiev can be closed on entry and exit. In the US, more than 100,000 patients. The latest news on COVID-19 coronavirus in Ukraine and the world on March 27.

The situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine

As of the evening of March 27, according to the MoH, Ukraine has recorded 310 cases of coronavirus. During the day, 92 new cases were detected. Four people were fully recovered.

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The Ministry of Health has not published statistics for the oblasts, so we publish all the known figures at the moment:

  • Chernivtsi region – 59 (1 lethal, 5 recovered);
  • Kiev – 55;
  • Ternopil region – 43 (1 lethal);
  • Kyiv region – 34;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region – 24 (2 lethal);
  • Vinnytsia region – 16;
  • Rivne region – 9 (1 lethal);
  • Zaporozhye region – 8;
  • Dnipropetrovsk region – 6 (1 recovered);
  • Sumy region – 5 (1 lethal1);
  • Odessa region – 6;
  • Lviv region – 3;
  • Zhytomyr region – 2 (1 lethal);
  • Volyn region – 2;
  • Donetsk region – 2;
  • Cherkasy region – 2;
  • Transcarpathian region – 1;
  • Lugansk region – 1;
  • Kherson region – 1;
  • Khmelnytskyi Oblast – 1.

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  • The coronavirus was confirmed by the deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, the Chief of Police of Kyiv Andriy Khryshchenko, he works remotely. In general, the diagnosis was confirmed in three police officers and one cadet. Among the military in the Donbass there are currently no infected.
  • Sources say MoH head Elijah Yemts is seeking a replacement. The former chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Maxim Stepanov may take his place.
  • People’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko has published the document according to which entrance to Kiev will be closed till April, 24th. And those who are allowed to enter the capital will be measured by the temperature. There are no official comments on this document yet.
  • The occupation authority reports a colossal number of patients with pneumonia – more than 1000. The coronavirus has been laboratory-confirmed in 13 people on the peninsula.
  • In occupied Donbass, about 800 people went to GPs, 150 of whom had pneumonia. There is no way to get them a coronavirus test.

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  • From 8 am on March 28 will close the entrances to the area OOS. They can only get there cars engaged in logistical support of the vital activity of the district.
  • Uber will block the accounts of its drivers and passengers who have detected a coronavirus. This will also apply to people who may have contact with infected people.
  • In Rivne region they were banned from leaving the village of Tynne, where 9 residents were found SARS-CoV-2.

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Ukrainians abroad

  • As of March 26, home about 109,000 Ukrainians returned from abroad. Another 9,000 of our citizens who have expressed a desire to return remain abroad. March 27 is the last day that Ukraine’s borders were opened for passenger transportation, now it will be possible to return only on foot or by own car through open check points.
  • For those Ukrainians who still have not been able to return and stay in other countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the “Protection” program. Our citizens will be promptly informed about the situation in their country of residence. Will also resolve issues with documents, assist with temporary placement, and more.
  • Four Italian women die from coronavirus in Trieste, Italy. In total, 22 Ukrainians are treated abroad, COVID-19 is treated, 160 are quarantined and 8 are fully recovered.
  • Thousands of Ukrainians tried to return to Ukraine from Poland on March 27 after the border closure announcement. Photos of a large queue burst into the network, people did not follow the distance. It should be noted that from March 28 it will still be possible to return to Ukraine via a pedestrian crossing or by own car.

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The main thing about the coronavirus in the world

  • The world is fixed 597 304 cases of coronavirus infection. The last 100,000 cases were confirmed in just one day. From the coronavirus in the world 27 364 died person, completely recovered 132,490 people. Top 5 countries in the number of confirmed cases: USA (104 661), Italy (86 498), China (81 946), Spain (65 619), Germany (50 871).
  • In the last day in Italy, 919 people died from coronavirus. After four days of slowing infection, the number of new cases has increased again in the country. About 50 doctors have died in the country from coronavirus. The hotspot may move from Lombardy to southern Italy, where mortality has risen sharply in recent days. These are the regions of Campania and Lazio, with centers in Naples and Rome.
  • In Spain, 769 people died from a coronavirus the previous day, the worst rate ever. Over 9,500 physicians were infected. A state of emergency is about to be declared in the country. The day before, information emerged that Spain had purchased from China a large batch of rapid tests that had failed. The country will return all poor quality tests to the manufacturer.
  • The US has sharply overtaken all countries in the world in COVID-19 cases, a figure approaching 100,000. Mobile morgues were installed in New York for the first time since the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.
  • With suspected coronavirus in Berlin hospital frontman Rammstein Till Lindemann was hospitalized. However, the test showed a negative result. Almost three weeks ago, he performed in Kiev.
  • The case of the coronavirus was confirmed by the Putin administration. In total, there are more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 infection in Russia, with almost 200 confirmed in the last 24 hours alone. Four deaths from the coronavirus in the country.
  • In Hungary, a state of emergency and curfew was imposed. You can only leave home for work or for essential work.
  • In Sweden, they decided to ban groups of more than 50 people. Earlier, the country had a limit of 500 people. In Sweden, over 3,000 confirmed cases and 92 deaths from coronavirus.
  • The Dalai Lama will donate medicines and products to the poor in India during the coronavirus pandemic.


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