Do you read Documento? To die of coronavirus


From today, the government has launched an information campaign to protect against coronavirus. This is the EUR 11 million allocated (yes there was no competition or call for interest) by Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ nephew to Initiative.

Newspapers and the internet have been filled with ads that inform the coronavirus. That is to say, the reader is, in theory, informed so as not to die of the virus. Unless they are readers of Documento, and, so the government probably wants them dead after excluding them from advertising.

That is, they take public money, which they say they have in order to protect our lives and distribute it to make politics, obviously to those who try to commit themselves to good government.

And for sure, they are downloading money through advertising (which can be done anyway for free) where they want it and it is not a ‘health campaign’, we have a photo from the VIMATOS site where there are two listings at the same time. Probably to see one eye and the other. They give money cut from masks and supplies to doctors and citizens, both day-to-day and convenient.

The issue is of course not only moral and political, it is also legal. Mr Grigoris Dimitriadis, who is now signing the decision, has criminal responsibility that we will seek. He is not a nephew of Mitsotakis but a government official who commits a breach of duty. And he cannot say that it is not his responsibility but that of advertising, because his behavior towards us, that is, his deceit, is known and certified. We will, however, also file a lawsuit in advertising, and let them find each other in court who ordered Documento to be excluded and who implemented it. Miserable and few even during the pandemic.

PS The Initiative company that just signed the award decision was ready for a long time with creatives, ads and ad closure, the one that had once again excluded Documento from the US Embassy ad campaign for the Thessaloniki exhibition, despite the mandate of the Embassy to give its advertisement everywhere.



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