Media in the US reports on a new study on the treatment of coronavirus Covid-19 in the World


Many areas of the world are looking for ways to treat patients with Covid-19 coronavirus as effectively as possible. A new report says blood plasma therapy could be helpful, says Business Insider.

A study of five critically ill Covid-19 patients hospitalized in China was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Friday. They underwent blood transfusions during the treatment process. Thereafter, the patients recovered at different times, according to the publication.

Although the scope of the study is very small, it is not possible to draw conclusions that apply to all Covid-19 coronavirus patients. True, similar methods in the treatment process are likely to be tried in New York this week.

The study was conducted in China between January 20 and March 25 this year. Patients were 36-73 years of age and received plasma therapy for 10-22 days.

Three of the five subjects had normalized body temperature three days after initiation of such therapy. Similarly, four out of five patients had resolved acute respiratory distress within 12 days.

Three out of five patients were able to leave the hospital after this type of treatment, while two still required hospital stay.

It should be said, however, that doctors are still very skeptical about this type of study because you will agree that five people in the study do not show that this method would work effectively for all patients.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already claimed the lives of 25,066 people, most of them dead in Europe, according to AFP.

In Europe, 17,314 people have died after being infected with Covid-19, according to information compiled by AFP before 4:30 p.m.

Of all the countries in the world, Covid-19 has lost the most lives in Italy, where 8,165 people have died, in Spain, where 4,858 have died, and in China, where 3,292 have died.

At least 547,034 people have been infected with the new coronavirus since December.


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