More than 700 Russians were taken out of Ukraine by special train because of coronavirus


Earlier in the Russian Embassy, ​​RIA Novosti reported that 716 tickets were offered, and they were all sold out.

The composition arrived at the Kiev station. His number is 906. A representative of Russian Railways told RIA Novosti that the train would travel without stops, and that passengers would undergo border and customs screening, as well as a medical examination by Rospotrebnadzor employees along the way.

In the opposite direction, at number 905, the train will leave Ukraine with the Ukrainians from Moscow on the same Saturday, March 28, at 19.35 and arrive in Kiev on the morning of March 29.

For several years now, Russian passenger trains did not run between Russia and Ukraine, except for one transit to Chisinau. Only trains of the Ukrainian Railways and the railway administrations of the CIS countries ran. However, in connection with COVID-19, the running of these trains was also stopped.

Due to the coronavirus, the Government of the Russian Federation ordered the organization of a lump-sum export by rail of Ukrainian citizens from Russia to their homeland and Russians from Ukraine. On the day of publication of the order, Russian Railways reported that a special train for the export of Russians was agreed.


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