The Coronavirus in Doctors and the World Economic Crisis. The main thing is the night and the last day


Anything you might not pay attention to or sleep on.

Photo: Gal Info

Photo: Gal Info

Coronavirus – Lviv – Ternopil Kiev. From next week in Lviv it is planned to start mass testing of residents for coronavirus. This is what they want to do in conjunction with the Lviv IT Cluster. The first to be tested is those who have returned from abroad or had contact with confirmed coronavirus patients. In the first stage, 10 thousand rapid tests will be done.

In general, in Lviv, the number of suspected co-virus has exceeded one hundred. There are 50 people in Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital. On self-isolation – 62 more.

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And in Ukraine there are already 310 patients with coronavirus. The situation in the neighboring Lviv – Ternopil region is very alarming. During the day the number of patients almost doubled – from 26 to 43 cases. Of these, 18 are physicians. These results were caused by the wrong flu action algorithm. “The wrong algorithm was introduced at the beginning. If there is group A or B flu, we exclude the presence of coronavirus. It happened that an employee of our hospital had Group A flu and a coronavirus. We excluded the coronavirus, then everyone visited it. That’s why it’s such a sad picture », – the head of the Monastery RA Volodymyr Danylyuk explained.

Hiking opened. Border guards opened a pedestrian direction near the Krakowiec checkpoint to speed up the clearance of Ukrainians returning from Poland. Up to 10 thousand people were waiting in line to enter Ukraine. Yesterday the problem was finally solved – people were admitted to Ukraine.

Recall that from March 27, Ukraine completely closed the state border due to the spread of COVID-19. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since the beginning of the crisis, about 100 thousand of our citizens have returned to their homeland. I really want to believe that all these people will really adhere to self-isolation, otherwise – Ukraine is facing a disaster with the spread of a coronavirus. No medical system in the world can cope with such an influx of patients.

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Economic crisis. The IMF has announced that the world has entered a new recession, that is, the economic crisis began. The start of the new crisis was expected earlier, given the “overheating” of stock markets in the US and the problems in China. Coronavirus accelerated this process. “It is now clear that we have entered a new recession – also, or even worse, than in 2009. True, we forecast economic recovery in 2021, but provided we succeed in overcoming the coronavirus », – says IMF Managing Director Kristalin Georgiev.

What to expect in Ukraine? The global trend during crises is the rise of the dollar. Therefore, first of all, the fall of the hryvnia. Next: our connection to the global economy is raw materials. Since, in times of crisis, countries most often refuse to invest, in fact, in the industrial sector, this will mean less foreign exchange earnings for Ukraine as well. Therefore, metallurgy will suffer the most. What can save is the agricultural sector. People also need to eat during crises, so there will be the smallest drop in this sector. In addition, due to lower demand, oil and gas prices are expected to fall. This is also important for Ukraine, given its dependence on Russian energy resources.

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Crisis Council. The epic with an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada seems to have reached the finish line. The council will still meet and sit in the courtyard. This decision was made to ensure sufficient distance between the people’s deputies. We will remind, in three of them – Sergey Rudik, Ruslan Gorbenko and Sergey Shakhov have found a coronavirus. Thirty more went to observation.

As for the meeting itself, the so-called law on banks (“PrivatBank”) and on the land market are planning to pass. Their adoption is a prerequisite for the IMF to provide financial assistance to Ukraine – according to the latest data, we are asking for $ 8 billion.

It may seem that the world is collapsing and it is difficult to find any resistance in it. The influenza pandemic, the economic crisis – it will hurt (and is already hitting) all over us. Now it all depends on the true values ​​of each person, the need to help older people, those who are worse off, who are in trouble. So rest and build strength. Have a good day!

And for a little “Warm up” here is a special prayer from Pope Francis.


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