What kids know about coronavirus: “I don’t want to have grandparents”


Parents need to explain to their children why they should stay at home and what is the coronavirus that prevents them from going to the play or the park.

Psychologists say that little ones will understand how serious the situation really is if they get concrete examples, in their meaning.

Ioana: “I understood that we should avoid going out because of this virus and we should avoid contact with grandparents, because some suffer when they have no grandparents and I do not want to have no grandparents and please stay in the house until it is finished and then we all go out, normal ”.

Erin: “Why do we stay in the house? Well, it’s coronavirus. And what is the crown? Well, many patients and we have to be very careful and not go out. It’s dangerous. Yes, I never get bored at home. ”
Vlad: “Is simple. And coronavirus. And what is it? You can pass it on to grandparents who can die. And what do we do? We stay in the house ”.

Some non-governmental organizations have also come to their parents’ aid to try to explain to the children what coronavirus is through movies or animations.

The little ones have to understand

“The newest discovery is called coronavirus. It is loud, very important to stay home and listen to your parents, they will protect you ”.

Daniela Mogoș, personal development counselor: “It is important for the children to understand from the beginning what is the problem we are facing, to understand what a virus is, to understand how things happen, which is the way this virus is transmitted. .

The task of parents, grandparents, adults is to explain to the children that this is not a vacation, but it is just a measure taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which causes much harm around us. ”

Psychologists advise parents to have this discussion as often as possible with young children.

“We must be involved”

Otilia Mantelers, psychologist: “We must be involved. Let’s tell the kids what’s going on right now. We will tell them that whenever they have questions about the subject they come to ask us absolutely everything.

But children will not do so, they somehow express their anxiety and fear through questions like “why can’t I get out?”, “I want to go out”, won’t tell us I’m afraid of coronavirus, why is so much panic around? Then we can remind them, remember why we don’t go out? Let’s draw some more. We want to offer them safety. ”

And children need to be taught what they can do to protect themselves from coronavirus.


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