At least 137 Limburgers died of coronavirus | 1Limburg


The number of people who died of the coronavirus in Limburg has now risen to nearly 140 people. Although the actual death rate is probably even higher.
That said Christian Hoebe, infection doctor of the GGD South Limburg and professor of infectious disease control, on Sunday morning in De Stemming on L1 Radio.
In total, the corona virus in Limburg cost at least 137 Limburgers. That is almost thirty more than Friday, when the official death rate was still 110 people. The figures are roughly evenly distributed between the two GGD regions in the province.
Invisible dead
However, according to Hoebe, the actual death rate is probably even higher. “These 137 Limburgers have been proven to have died of this virus. We know that people die in care homes without knowing whether they are infected with the corona virus.”
Agreements have now been made with care and nursing homes that these deaths will also be passed on to the GGD. “We would like to have the figures as complete as possible,” says Hoebe.
Delays in numbers
In addition, according to the infectious physician, there is a delay in the figures. The GGDs receive the mortality figures from the hospitals. “Doctors are of course mainly concerned with treating patients, not with the administration. As a result, a death is often only passed on later,” he explains.


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