Covid-19 letter from British Prime Minister Johnson: Things will get worse


Letter to the British from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who refused to take precautions against the coronavirus and then caught the coronavirus, Queen of England, Prince of Prince and Health Minister: “Things will go worse before going well …”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) test is positive, will send letters to 30 million households in the country. In the letter that Johnson sent a “Stay at home” message to the citizens, he said, “Things will go worse before things go well.”

According to the statement from the prime ministry, Johnson’s letter, which was found to be positive for the Covid-19 test, will reach 30 million households in 4 weeks. In his letter, he will call the public to protect the National Health Service (NHS) and save lives, and will also describe the government’s measures to combat the outbreak and support businesses and employees.

In his letter, Johnson said, “things will get worse before things go well”. Johnson continued: “But we follow the right preparations. The more we follow the rules, the less lives we lose, and the faster life returns to normal.”

It is stated that the letter Johnson will send to the citizens will cost £ 5.7 million for the government. rüs cases rose to 17 thousand 312. According to the latest data, 19 people died.


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