In Gorlovka, “DPR police” are monitoring hospitalized with suspicion of Covid-19 :: Donbass News


In the militants-controlled Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, under the building of the Infectious Disease Department, where people with suspected coronavirus are hospitalized, officers of the “DPR” group are on duty. As of today, according to the “DPR”, there are 22 patients in the infectious ward of the city hospital No. 3.

“Policemen” will be attracted if patients refuse treatment, the head physician of the hospital, Maria Anastasiy, said.

“In order to [оказывать] help to medical workers. In case patients do not completely perform or refuse to perform duties and functions as patients, we can attract them, ”she said in a comment to the separatist TV channel Oplot TV.

According to her, all hospitalized are in satisfactory condition and do not show symptoms of coronavirus disease.

The “DPR” claims that no cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the territory controlled by it.

As of March 29, in Ukraine, coronavirus was confirmed in 418 people.


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