Country benefiting from coronavirus pandemic: “It’s an unprecedented situation!”


Major sports competitions scheduled in 2020 have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and most countries have discontinued their football championships, but also from other disciplines.

However, Belarusian authorities have decided that life goes on, despite it pandemic, and the new edition of the football championship debuted on Thursday in Minsk, Belarus being the only country where football is still played.

On Saturday, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, played an ice hockey match, saying that this sport is “an anti-virus remedy”.

“There are no viruses here. This is a refrigerator. Ice hockey is an anti-virus remedy ”, the president said.

Lukashenko: It’s a complete stupidity to close the borders

Lukashenko also said that it is utter stupidity to close the borders because of the coronavis, urging people to drink as much vodka as possible.

“Coronavirus is just a new psychosis that some people will take advantage of and that will hurt others. The civilized world goes crazy. It’s a complete stupidity to close the borders. Panic can be more harmful than the virus itself ”, said Aleksandr Lukashenko last week.

The championship in Belarus, the only one currently playing in Europe

“Everyone is watching the Belarus championship now, everyone should sit in front of the TVs and watch it. When the NHL closed its doors, many hockey players came to play here. Maybe Messi and Ronaldo could do it the same thing and come to Belarus to continue playing football “, Hleb told British newspaper The Sun.

“It is the only place in Europe where football can be played, and this makes happy supporters”, added Aleksandr Hleb, who has also evolved during his career with other top teams, including VfB Stuttgart and Arsenal London.

Fit The GuardianBelarus Football Federation has sold TV rights to ten countries, including Russia, India and Israel.

“It is an unprecedented situation”, said Alexander Aleinik, a spokesman for the federation.


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