Iran suspends decoding of downed Boeing recorders due to coronavirus | In the world | Politics


Iran because of coronavirus suspends decryption of black boxes from the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 shot down in the region of Tehran, reports RIA News with reference to the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami.

It is noted that this work will continue after the normalization of the situation in the country.

Earlier Iran notified Canada on the delay in transferring the black boxes of the downed aircraft to the Ukrainian side due to an outbreak of coronavirus infection.

Recall, January 8, the plane of the company “International Airlines of Ukraine” crashed a few minutes after departure from Tehran airport. 176 people became victims of the crash, including citizens of Afghanistan, Britain, Germany, Canada, Iran, Ukraine and Sweden.

Subsequently, Iranian authorities recognized that the Ukrainian plane was mistaken for an “enemy target” and was shot down by mistake. Later five countries demandedso that Iran would pay them compensation for the downed ship.


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