Firemen entered the home affected by coronavirus in the Highlands


Negatively tested staff left a third, home turned to volunteer nurses and medics for help. Firefighters took up the task after negotiations of the Governor of the Vysočina Region Jiří Běhounek (for the CSSD) with the army ended unsuccessfully due to insufficient number of people.

Already on Monday, firefighters prepared in front of the building home facilities. “There will always be three non-stop staff available to healthcare staff and clients. Shift rotation will be after 24 hours. Three shifts are set up, ”said firefighter spokeswoman Petra Musilová.

Firefighters will not provide medical care, it will be solely assistance with the operation of the home, such as disinfection of premises, distribution of food, routine maintenance, etc.

“We have taken a number of measures to eliminate the possibility of contagion. In addition to protective equipment, firefighters will have a rear container and tent on site. In the rear container they have all the equipment that will allow them full self-sufficiency. Every intervening firefighter leaving home in Břevnice will always undergo a thorough disinfection, ”said Jiří Němec, the regional director of the choir.

At the same time, volunteers are still looking for a home for temporary medical staff. She has the biggest problem with nurses, out of ten positively tested employees.

But they also contracted carers or cleaners. “Now I have only six negative employees who can work,” said director Hana Hlaváčková. A nurse has already started on Monday, but she has to learn to work in this specific environment.

The facility cares for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Out of twenty clients staying, 18 tested positive, two negative are isolated from them. The course of the disease in infected seniors is easier.

Coronavirus infection probably got into the facility at the turn of February and March at the time of the influenza outbreak. The physician attributed the problems to the first flu clients, coronavir was not considered at that time, and testing was not ongoing.

The virus spread rapidly in the chamber device. The real cause of the problem came to the end of March thanks to a positive test of a family member of one of the workers in the home. She herself did not test until more than a week after she was incapable of work.


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