Cases of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic have increased rapidly, with 3308 infected


There are usually more cases detected when tested more. The number of tests will be available after 9.00. Until Monday, 48,811 tests were performed including the same tests in the same person.

The highest number of patients is in Prague, almost 900, followed by the Central Bohemia Region with more than 430 infected. The least, around a hundred cases have the Hradec Králové, South Bohemian and Liberec regions. In the capital, the disease is also most widespread due to population. There are more than 60 sick people per 100 thousand people. On the contrary, it is the least in the South Moravian Region, where there are less than 16 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In the Czech Republic, 83 per cent of patients were infected, the rest abroad, especially in Austria and Italy. Most of the infected are still men, but their share has decreased. Most people with Covid-19 are currently between the ages of 45 and 54, nearly a fifth. Children under 14 years account for about 5.5 percent. Seniors over 65 who are considered to be the most at risk group for coronavirus are nearly 17 percent among patients.

Covid-19 disease caused by coronavirus has killed 45 people. Of the 31 deaths in hospitals, the majority are seniors who have often become infected in retirement homes. More than half of the deaths are in Prague.

According to Monday data of the Ministry of Health, 64 people are in serious condition in the hospital, the number of hospitalized is close to three hundred.


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