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Pinkpop 2019
Photo: Monique Biermans / Festileaks

Due to the coronavirus, events are banned until June 1. What will happen to Pinkpop, Down The Rabbit Hole and Lowlands, which are planned after that date? Mojo Concerts: “We are concerned about that.”

“The strange thing is that we don’t have any cancellations for the summer festivals except for a single band,” John Mulder tells 3for12. Mulder is director of Mojo Concerts, the booking agency of Down The Rabbit Hole, Pinkpop and Lowlands. “It would be disastrous for us if the government only decided in mid-May what is possible after 1 June. Because in theory everything goes on, and that’s what we’re going for. ”

According to the Mojo director, three elements play an important role: the rules of the government, the artists themselves (do they want to come themselves?) And the international aviation industry. That no one now buys tickets for the festivals is not very important, according to Mulder. “Then we only sell fewer tickets. If we are able to do a festival, we will do that too. ”

Lowlands in August is also already being considered. Mulder says that the same three elements are important here as for the festivals in June and July. He does think that the start of society after the corona crisis is going in small steps, with festivals being the last to be discussed. “It is not until the very end that the large crowds arrive.”

Corona and festivals

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has growing consequences for festivals worldwide. Artists cancel, festivals are canceled and governments draw up measures.

Because it is unclear with the approaching festival season how the virus will develop in the coming months, you can stay informed of all developments regarding the corona virus and festivals via our special page. You will find a live blog, the latest news, festival statements and an explanation of crucial moments in the near future.


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