Gemius announces impact of COVID-19 outbreak on March campaigns


We shared with you that the digital content consumption of users increased with the COVID-19 outbreak. It is possible to say that the consumption and habits of the users have started to differ as the quarantine process continues. In this sense, brands and advertisers continue to reach consumers through campaigns.

Although some brands have difficulty deciding on their communication during the epidemic, some sectors have continued their communication without slowing down. Gemius‘s research on AdReal reveals the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on March campaigns.

The research examines the Marching display trends of all industries and prominent leading sectors. In this context, the total impressions in all industries increased in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of March, while the 4th week started to slow down.

According to the research, the automotive industry stands out as one of the industries that responded sharply to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of March, the trend of display rises with the voluminous campaign of a brand in the automotive industry. However, when we look at the last week, we can say that this brand has experienced a serious decline despite its high impression investments.

According to the data, it should be noted that the volume of impressions in the banking sector has increased in mobile applications. It is not possible to talk about the same momentum on the PC platform. At this point, let’s say that the impact of a brand’s mobile investments is seen in the data obtained.

According to the report, unlike other sectors, an increasing volume in Food and Telecom draws attention almost every week.

Let’s add that the retail and supermarket industries, which remained unstable here all month, increased their display volumes to make the most of the demand boom to their online channel in the last week of March.


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