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China was supposed to become the leading economic force in the world, but the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate this process, believes Vladimir BruterPhoto: Ksenia Fix © URA.RU
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A coronavirus pandemic could help China become a global economic leader. This opinion was shared with URA.RU by political analyst and expert of the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter.

The specialist is confident that China should have become the leading economic force in the world, however, the coronavirus pandemic can accelerate this process. “I think this will happen, but not tomorrow. It was tentatively thought that this would happen in 15 years. I think that coronavirus can reduce this period by half, ”Bruter said to URA.RU. The expert stressed that China could become a leader by 2030, but more accurate forecasts can be made at the end of April.

Despite this, China will not be in a hurry, as the country understands that this can lead to adverse consequences, says Bruter. “China will expand its capabilities, offer [другим странам] their opportunities, to offer their investments in situations where others will not do this, due to lack of funds. China will certainly try to pursue an expansionist foreign economic policy. In my opinion, the PRC will act cautiously and not try to provoke the creation of coalitions against itself, ”the political scientist concluded URA.RU.

According to the coronavirus-monitor portal, on April 4, 82 892 (+33 per day) infections were registered in China, 76 992 (+182) recovered, 3 335 (+4) died. Russian woman Yekaterina Dorofeeva, who lives in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, said that the authorities have completely lifted the ban on visiting public institutions, but the cafe’s management has asked visitors to put on a mask and measure the temperature at the entrance, writes 360 channel.

Meanwhile, in the United States, according to coronavirus-monitor, 277 522 (+4 908) cases of cornevirus infection were detected, 12,283 (+268) recovered 7,403 (+415). The United States ranks first in the number of people infected in the world. Russia sent a plane to the United States with high-quality medical supplies and equipment, reports Nation news.

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