Singer Pink and son had corona: this disease is dangerous and real Entertainment


In two tweets, Pink says that she and her son had symptoms two weeks ago that indicated possible infection with the new coronavirus. “Fortunately, my doctor had the opportunity to test us,” she writes. “I tested positive.” Pink then quarantined herself and the other family members. A second test a few days ago revealed that she was cured.

In her tweet, Pink gives the US government a smudge because corona tests are very poorly available. “This disease is dangerous and real,” she grumbles. “People need to know that anyone can get the virus. Young and old, healthy or sick, poor or rich. Tests should be free and everyone should be able to get them. ”

Then Pink tells that she is donating a million dollars. According to the singer, the money is “for the medical professionals who fight the virus on the front lines.” Half of the donation goes to the hospital in Philadelphia where her mother worked. The other half goes to the Los Angeles Special Covid-19 Fund.


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