Cheferin on FIFA Coronavir Aid Plans: A Little Strange – Football


FIFA said on Tuesday that it was “working on the possibility of providing assistance to the football community worldwide following a comprehensive assessment of the financial impact of the pandemic on football.”

UEFA chief Cheferin told ZDF on Saturday that the whole process should not be left to FIFA alone.

“FIFA’s explanation was that they wanted to use it for those who needed it urgently. We should agree that the FIFA administration can then decide who gets how much money. I think, and not just me, it’s a little weird, “Cheferin said.

“It needs strict regulation, and you can’t just leave it in the hands of the FIFA administration to find out who needs the most help. It’s too simplistic.”

This is not the first time that Slovenian lawyer and football functionary Čeferin has a different opinion than FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Meanwhile, FIFA is working with six confederations on scenarios in which the season is extended beyond the usual June 30 deadline, which would affect players’ contracts and transfers.


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