The blood of a marine worm, used as a treatment for Covid-19 in France


The race for a treatment finding for Covid-19 continues. Scientists do not rule out any possibility and are now turning to the blood of a marine worm, Arenicola marina. The French begin a clinical study to see the effects of sand worm blood, also known as sea bass, on the human body.

The researchers turned their attention to the hemoglobin of this worm. Hemoglobin is the substance that carries oxygen to the body, and in the case of seaweed carries 40% more oxygen in the blood than human hemoglobin.

This molecular respirator, codenamed Monaco, is a hope to ease the burden of intensive care sections. In a first phase of the clinical trial, a substance obtained from marine worm hemoglobin will be injected into ten patients with breathing difficulties, first to see if it does not harm them and then if it improves their breathing.

The molecule has a size 250 times smaller than a red blood cell and could reach places with reduced circulation, to prevent death by asphyxiation of Covid-19 patients. It is already used for oxygenation of kidney grafts.

The company that produces it has a marine worm farm and says it has 5,000 treatment doses available and can produce another 15,000 quickly.

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