Corona virus cases in Israel exceed 8,500


In a written statement from the Israeli Ministry of Health, it was stated that two more patients who were diagnosed with the new type of Corona virus (Kovid-19) died.

Thus, the number of people who lost their lives in the country increased to 51.

585 people recovered

In the statement, it was also reported that 181 more people in Israel were detected in Kovid-19 and the total number of cases increased to 8 thousand 611. It was noted that 141 of the patients had a severe condition and 585 people recovered.

In Israel, education was suspended at all schools under the Kovid-19 measures, while more than two people were prohibited from gathering.

It was also decided to close down many commercial businesses in the country, except for markets, pharmacies, fuel stations and banks, starting March 15.

The Tel Aviv administration banned all foreigners from entering the country, except for those who resided in Israel due to the virus.


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