Positive dynamics – the number of Covid-19 patients decreased in Italy


This happened for the first time in several months.

The number of patients hospitalized in Italy with a diagnosis of Covid-19 has decreased for the first time since the outbreak, the number of victims increased by 525 and reached 15,887, the last time an increase of less than 600 per day was recorded on March 19.

On Saturday, 681 deaths were recorded, a day earlier – 776. There were also reports of 2886 new infections. Last week, the number of new cases did not fall below 3.5 thousand per day.

For the second day in a row, the number of patients in intensive care wards has been decreasing; another 17 severe patients left the intensive care unit during the day. The number of ordinary hospitalized fell for the first time by 61 to 28,949 people.

Scientists have discovered antibodies that effectively fight coronavirus

Recall that on Saturday, April 4, 20 volunteer doctors flew from Ukraine to Italy, who will work together with Italian colleagues in hospitals where patients with Covid-19 are.

Ukrainian medical staff will work in Italy with Covid-19 patients for two weeks. In addition, Ukraine will soon send humanitarian aid to Italy, as well as preparing a resuscitation helicopter.

Recall that a request from the Italian authorities for help by medical teams Kiev received on April 1. The document dealt with the sending of several medical teams that will help in the fight against coronavirus with their experience.

The Interior Minister also offered to help Italy by providing alcohol for medical purposes. It is worth noting that Russia, China and Cuba also provide assistance to Italian doctors.

Earlier it was reported that the state authorities, despite the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, have already begun to discuss ways to return the country to normal work after the regime of universal isolation. So, in the scientific and technical committee advising the government, several options were proposed. Experts believe that you need to return to normal life gradually, but you should start with the sphere of production.

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