Transport Online – Prime Minister Rutte visits transport companies affected by corona [+foto’s]


ZOETERMEER – Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited two of the many transport entrepreneurs affected by the corona crisis today. He was a guest in the Westland with Lievaart and the Daily Logistics Group. The entrepreneurs informed him about the loss of work. The prime minister gave them a heartbeat: “Compliments to the entire sector. Let’s hope we can limit the damage and the weather will all return to normal in the Netherlands. We will work on that. Thank you!”

Both companies gave the prime minister insight into the current situation at their companies. Of the 58 trucks that the transport company Lievaart counts, 40 are now stationary. The company transports flowers to Italy, but after the quarantine has been instituted in that country, the flower transport is completely stopped. The transporter was able to deploy his drivers for a few weeks to transport food during the hamster peak at large supermarket chains. Lievaart also even sent empty trucks to Italy to collect toilet paper. These were only temporary assignments.

mothers Day

Due to Easter, this time is normally the busiest period of the year for the carrier. It is usually very busy around Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Lievaart hopes that the situation in Italy will make it possible to deliver flowers by then. It is extra sour that it took Lievaart about ten years to get out of the 2008 credit crisis. The company expects to need another ten years to emerge from the corona valley.


Transporter Daily Logistics has 500 trucks and transports frozen products such as fries for fast food chains within Europe and experienced a reduction of 50 percent. Fortunately, the company also provides transport for supermarket chains. The company places its hopes on the continued transport of fruit and vegetables to the United Kingdom. But she also expects the transport of sea containers with avocados imported from Peru to decrease.

Emergency measure

TLN President Elisabeth Post took part in the Prime Minister’s working visit. She is positive about the speed with which the cabinet introduced the temporary Emergency Measure Bridging for Work Retention (NOW). “Keeping transport companies and jobs in this sector is crucial to keep the Netherlands running, even after the corona crisis,” said Post. However, she indicated that it is necessary to refine the scheme. Companies that are part of a larger group may not be entitled to support even though they are in trouble and their staff cannot work in other parts of the group. Also companies that depend on one season, such as the flower transporters, are not helped, because the calculation for aid is based on an average of a whole year.


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