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April 7, 6:16 pm

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The peak of the epidemic is expected in a week

The Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov has ruled out quarantine in the coming days, as the peak incidence of coronavirus has not yet been reached.

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“It is too early to say when the quarantine will end. On the contrary, we are now on the cusp of the peak of coronavirus disease in the country, ”he said in a video message.

According to Stepanov, in peak periods of the disease the medical system may not withstand the load.

“To put it simply, patients are getting so much more that there is not enough doctors, medicines, or hospitals to help them. Unfortunately, this has already happened in many countries, ”he said.

In order to avoid overloading Ukrainian hospitals, the head of the Ministry of Health urged to adhere to strict rules of quarantine and self-isolation.

The MOH estimates that the peak of the coronavirus is expected from 14 to 15 April. This can lead to mass casualties and many fatalities.

In the last 24 hours, 143 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Ukraine. The number of patients increased to 1462. 45 patients with COVID-19 died.

Quarantine has been tightened in Ukraine since April 6:


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