Hot topic. Chinese doctors have found out whether it is possible to catch Covid-19 through the eyes


April 7, 20:00

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How coronavirus affects vision

Scientists in Yichang conducted a study among those infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV2. They decided to analyze the ophthalmic symptoms of coronavirus and find out whether it is possible to get infected through the eyes.

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With considering growing number of complaints, a group of Chinese virologists in Yichang set out to find out how often conjunctival manifestations occur in infected SARS-CoV2.

IN research A group of 38 people with various forms of severity Covid-19 took part. 12 of them had ophthalmic symptoms: conjunctival hyperemia, epiphora, increased lacrimal secretion, chemosis. At the same time, scientists noted that these manifestations were more often observed in patients with a severe form of the disease.

Doctors took samples from the conjunctiva from these patients and performed PCR tests. A virus was found in two samples, which means that SARS-CoV2 can be transmitted through the discharge of the lacrimal glands.

And although the likelihood of this is not high, experts still recommend using protective glasses when contacting potential carriers of the disease, and also not rub your eyes with your hands.

A separate recommendation for people wearing lenses – if possible, replace them with glasses. So you not only provide a reliable barrier to the eyes, but also reduce the chance of bringing the virus with your hands when putting on or removing lenses.

Yichang’s doctors also say that after a cure for Covid-19 there was no visual impairment in individuals who had previously complained of ophthalmic symptoms.

Why is the data from this study so important?

Ophthalmic manifestations were previously considered quite rare for coronavirus. They are not included in the list of important for diagnosis, simply put, many doctors ignore them. However, this symptom, especially in combination with one or more of the main ones, should be cause for concern.

HB Health recalls that the main symptoms of coronavirus include difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, and pain in the lungs.


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