Celebrated the arrival of a friend from abroad: in Malin recorded a flash of COVID-19 | # Letters


About it at a briefing on Wednesday, the head of the regional administration Vitaliy Bunechko said.

“We now have a situation that these are not the people who brought this misfortune to us from Ukraine from abroad, but these are contact persons who contacted patients who contacted those who came from abroad. I was most struck by the fact when a company gathered in Malin to celebrate the arrival of his comrade from abroad and now we have an outbreak – 8 cases in Malin, ”he said.

A similar situation was repeated in the Berdichevsky district of the Zhytomyr region, said Nikolai Suslik, head of the health department of the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration.

“In one family, the son deliberately contacted a man who came from abroad, and now his mother is sick, she is in serious condition,” he said.

In this regard, the authorities of the Zhytomyr region are considering the possibility of complete isolation of Malin and Berdichev with an absolute restriction of entry and exit to these cities.


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