Covid-19: Salvation is sought in Europe, heavy human costs


Italy, intensive care unit at a hospital in Varese

Another critical day for the planet, as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds without light at the end of the tunnel. • In the EU Looking for a way to find a consensus on how to deal with the economic crisis caused by the corona • All the developments from Greece and the world.

In the world

• Nearly 1.5 million are all registered patients with Covid-19 worldwide, according to his map Johns Hopkins University, while deaths exceeded 88,500

• New U.S. death record for nearly 2,000 deaths for the second day in a row

• A clash between the United States and the WHO is under way, with Donald Trump accusing the international body of operating “with prejudice in favor of China.”

• In the Eurogroup in the afternoon, an effort will be made to remove the impasse over ways to deal with the economic crisis, which poses a serious threat to EU unity. • Necessary


• Yesterday, Wednesday, 52 new cases of coronary heart disease were announced, bringing the total to 1,884, while two more patients ended up, with the total number of victims of the pandemic reaching 83 in our country.

• New restrictions due to Easter with police blockades on tolls and national roads were announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias

Record of new cases in Russia

Russia announced a record increase in Covid-19 confirmed cases within 24 hours, as 1,459 new cases were recorded, increasing the total number to 10,131.

Also, 13 new deaths were recorded, with the total number of people who died from the pandemic in the country reaching 76.

The President of Brazil is unrepentant and unacceptable

Brazil’s President Zaire Bolsonaro, once again ignoring the recommendations of doctors, WHO and his own health minister, stressing that people should stay at home, called on Brazilians to “get to work”.

AP Photo / Eraldo Peres

Although he avoided describing Covid-19 as a “flu” this time around, he argued that as long as people don’t work, poverty, hunger, misery and even death increase.

Achaia: Complaint of hospital doctors for local media

The local coverage of the two local newspapers of Patras of the symbolic mobilizations of the hospital doctors of Achaia on the World Health Day, April 7, which took place in the context of the nationwide call of the Hellenic Hospital Association of the Union of Hospitals, is unacceptable and unethical.

New York: Most coronavirus cases are linked to Europe

Research from the Grossman Medical School in New York claims that the majority of cases in the state that have been hit hardest by the pandemic are linked to travelers from Europe.

The same view was expressed in the New York Times by Professor Harm van Beikel of Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, co-author of a similar study, “the majority are clearly of European descent.”

President Trump had banned foreigners from entering the country if they had previously traveled to China since February 1, and banned travel from Europe only in March.

“That’s the distance you have to keep,” reads the sign in Brooklyn Park

AP Photo / Wong Maye-E

Ruby Princess is thought to have caused the biggest contamination in Australia

Police officers board the ship to collect information and interrogate the crew of the cruise ship

The cut in oil production at the OPEC table

The extraordinary session of OPEC and its allies is being held today, which will be held with a teleconference, with the aim of reducing oil production in order to support its prices.

Saudi Arabia, which convened the meeting at the request of US President Donald Trump, has announced that today’s conference will pave the way for a fair deal that will restore balance in the oil markets.

More than 1.5 million cases worldwide, 87,320 deaths

More than one and a half million are the confirmed cases of the new corona that were officially recorded in the world by 7.30 am Greek time, according to the French News Agency (AFP).

In particular, at least 1,502,478 cases of Covid-19 and a total of 87,320 deaths have been recorded in 192 countries and territories, mainly in the United States (432,132 cases and 14,817 deaths), in Spain (146,690 cases and 14,555 deaths) and Italy (13,422 cases). 17,669 deaths).

Europe remains the continent with the highest number of cases (772,592) and deaths (61,118).

However, it should be noted that the number of diagnosed cases of SARS-CoV-2 reflects only a fraction of the actual number, as a large number of countries undergo diagnostic tests only for those with severe symptoms.

Airbus reduces aircraft production by 30%

European airline Airbus said it was cutting production by a third due to a “severe blow to its customers, the airlines, by the coroner.”

“We are adapting our production to the new conditions and considering operational and economic measures to address the new reality,” the statement said.

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23 deaths and 343 cases in Honduras

The measures to restrict the movement of people across the territory of Honduras will be extended until at least April 19, the authorities announced, in order to limit the spread of the coronation pandemic.

Honduras is a very poor country in Central America, where 31 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were confirmed yesterday.

The total number of people infected is now 343, of whom 23 have died.

Deaths in Germany broke the 2,000 barrier

The death toll from the coronation pandemic has risen by 246 in Germany to 2,107 in the past 24 hours, while another 4,974 cases have been confirmed, bringing the total to 108,202 today, according to data compiled and published by Robert Koch-Institut. who specializes in treating infectious diseases.

Michael Kappeler / dpa via AP

It is the third consecutive day of rising deaths due to both COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 infection cases, after four consecutive days of decline, according to the institute.

Nearly 2,000 dead for the second day in a row in the United States

Another negative record of daily deaths due to complications of Covid-19 was recorded by the USA in the last 24 hours, which now after Italy is the country with the most victims but also by far the most confirmed cases.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 1,973 people died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 14,695. The previous day, another 1,939 had lost the battle with the new monster.

AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

In the United States, more than a quarter of the world’s officially confirmed outbreaks are recorded, with a total of 429,052 deaths, and more than 1,000 new deaths have been reported daily since last week, despite limited progress gradually being made in one state after another. .

Oxfam: 500 million people are at risk of poverty

Oxfam notes that between 6% and 8% of the world’s population is at risk of misery, as governments put a brake on economic activity, and in many cases have suspended all efforts to prevent it from spreading. virus.


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