Muscovites worried about the situation with coronavirus in a hostel for migrant workers


Residents of the Begovoy metropolitan area drew attention to the fact that over the past few days, an ambulance has arrived at the 11 Euro Skeleton hostel at 11 Skakovaya Alley, only three cars arrived there today. Doctors in anticoronavirus protection loudly debated about one of the guests on the topic “he does not have the right to go to the store.” Residents of neighboring houses complain that the dormitory customers cough appallingly.
The guests live in Eurouyut for 4-8 people in a room, sleep in bunk beds, as can be seen from the photo of the institution, where you can stay for 250 people a day. At the same time, the six-bed room there is for some reason called “luxury”. Common areas, of course, are also multi-seat.

Mostly workers from the former CIS countries live in the hostel, there are taxi drivers and sellers. Arrivals of the ambulance did not affect their regime in any way – they all hang out together in the evening in the courtyard, stand in lines in nearby stores. It is clear that under such conditions there can be no talk of any full quarantine.

“To be honest, I’m horrified,” says Ekaterina, a resident of the house next door to the hostel. “They watch the arrival of ambulances for a day and I hear scared guests coughing. A medical team arrives for the team, but they don’t close the hostel! I’m just not afraid that you go to the store – take the dog out into the yard. ”

Residents of Begovoy hope that the city authorities, taking all possible steps to combat COVID-19, will pay attention to this situation.

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