Unit is in danger of coming out except covid-19


12th Division: A front line unit is in danger of coming out of covid-19 and leaving a “hole” in border security

12th Division: Unit in danger of leaving covid-19

Dangerous games with the security of the country seem to be playing some on the border. We learn that despite his clear instructions GEETHA, in its unit 7th Brigade in Provatonas, a commander refuses to follow the instructions to be present 50% of the force and has every day the whole world inside the camp.

This means that if an executive is positive about the coronation, the camp will automatically be quarantined, with all the consequences for our national defense, but also the burden that other units will have to fill the gap.

And all this is happening despite the clear instructions of its commander 12th Division Lieutenant General Boufi, but also the commander of the 7th Brigade, Brigadier General Costarelos.


The commander of the Unit does not allow the executives to take the leave according to the instructions of GEETHA in order for 50% of the executives to stay in the camp and to anyone who asks for permission he is invited to take it from his regular leave. In addition, in order not to show this, it includes all the staff members who are on sick leave, long-term leave, seconded to other units, etc., with the result that all the other executives remain inside the camp.

Let’s hope that someone is found to explain to him the measures ordered by GEETHA.


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