Coronavirus. 1.6 million people fell ill with COVID-19, 95,000 died: all country data – Ukrainian news, World


As of the morning of March 10, 1,600,427 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the world, 95,698 patients died, 354,464 patients with COVID-19 recovered. This is stated in the official data of the governments of the world, which are summarized National Security Council Defense Monitoring System.

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The USA is the world leader in the number of cases detected. Here, 465 329 infections, 16 672 deaths and 25 690 recovered were recorded.

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Most people died in Italy – 18,279 deaths out of 143,626 reported cases of infection. COVID-19 defeated 28,470 patients.

Spain is the second most infected: 153,222 infected, 15,447 dead and 52,185 recovered.

In Germany, mortality from COVID-19 remains relatively low. Of 118,235 patients, 2,607 died and 52,407 recovered. For example, in France there are about the same number of patients, but there are almost five times more deaths (12,228), and more than half as many survivors (23,441).

In China, the first outbreak of the pandemic, 82,885 infections, 3,339 deaths, and 77,679 recovered from the outbreak began.

  • At 9:00 a.m. on April 9, 1892 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Ukraine, 57 people died, 45 patients recovered. The Ministry of Health expects the peak of the epidemic in Ukraine from April 14-15.
  • On April 8, the country’s leadership said that now we can’t talk about easing quarantine, especially given the threat of crowds on Easter holidays, and the gradual lifting of restrictions is possible only in May.

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