IRES: Romanians Do Not Trust the Government in the COVID-19 Crisis


Pantefan Pană,

According to IRES, the Army is the highest rated institution in the top trust: 84% of Romanians have very or very much confidence in the MApN.

The army is followed by the IGSU (75%) and the National Committee for Emergency Situations (68%). The only two institutions present in this survey in which less than half of Romanians trust are the Local Police (46%) and the Government (26%).

The church is rated lower in confidence than in traditional surveys, on an equal footing with the Police.

Romanians do not trust Ludovic Orban

As far as the authorities are concerned, the highest rated is Raed Arafat: over 75% of Romanians say they trust him.

Raed Arafat has high confidence in the voters of PNL, PSD and those of other parties, being credited with lower confidence by the voters of the USR – PLUS Alliance or by the undecided and those who do not answer / do not vote in the parliamentary elections, IRES notes.

The head of DSU is followed by President Klaus Iohannis, but at a great distance. Basically, Raed Arafat is the only character in which the Romanians trust in a majority proportion.

Metaphor and public interest. PAH, about using

Metaphor and public interest. PAH, about using “slavery” as a tool to stimulate reactions

President Klaus Iohannis is well-regarded by only 39% of Romanians, followed by the Minister of Health, Nelu Tătaru (37%).

At the bottom of the ranking are Marcel Vela, Minister of the Interior (26%), and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban (24%).

Romanians feel lied to by the Government

Half of the Romanians believe that the Government has reacted quickly to the crisis caused by COVID-19 and just under half (48%) believe that the Executive has communicated clearly.

More than two thirds of the participants in the study appreciate the measures proposed by the Romanian Government in the crisis caused by the COVID pandemic – 19 as being good and very good ”, notes IRES.

However, the confidence in the Government has decreased and the Romanians believe that they have been lied to: 59% of them believe that the Executive has hidden information.

Regarding the state of emergency, the Romanians approve the measure, including the extension of the period.

Eight out of 10 Romanians believe that the extension of the emergency is a very good or good measure (38% very good, 45% good).

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,055 people over the age of 18, between April 7 and 8. The survey was conducted by telephone. The margin of error is +/- 3%.


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