Digest: oil deal threatened because of Mexico; Sobyanin predicts peak coronavirus in Moscow


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OPEC + countries, following negotiations lasting more than 10 hours, issued a statement according to which oil production will be reduced in May-June by 10 million barrels per day.

The plan assumes that Russia and Saudi Arabia will reduce oil production by equal quotas – by 2.5 million barrels per day, thus, production in May-June should be 8.5 million barrels per day for each country.

However, the final decision depends on Mexico, which, on the basis of negotiations on Thursday, refused to reduce production, and its representative left the virtual OPEC meeting.

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The deal should put an end to the many months of disagreement among oil producing countries. In early March, they were unable to agree on a reduction in production under OPEC +, as a result of which commodity prices fell sharply.

Negotiations will continue on Friday as part of the G20.

OPEC + expects other countries, mainly the United States, to decline. US President Donald Trump said this week that the US could cut oil production if OPEC + decides.

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Pope Francis will hold the Easter procession at the Vatican. Because of the situation with the coronavirus, it will not take place for the first time near the Colosseum in Rome, but near St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

The square in front of the cathedral, where tens of thousands of believers gather annually, will be empty this time — the pontiff will remotely address the faithful.

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The Coronavirus Operational Headquarters agreed on an export schedule for Russian tourists until April 13.

On Friday, Aeroflot will operate two flights – from Phuket to St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as from Cyprus to Moscow.

April 11 – from Antalya and Bangkok to Moscow, April 12 – two flights, from Tokyo and Goa to Moscow. April 13 – from Podgorica and Madrid to Moscow. These flights to Russia are scheduled to return more than two thousand people.

The actual load of flights will be known after the registration of citizens on the website of the State Service, the agency said.

In addition, the Federal Air Transport Agency presented another schedule – a preliminary one, until April 16. It has not yet been agreed and includes flights to both Moscow and the regions.

The plan includes export flights from Delhi, Bangkok, New York, Rome, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday was transferred from the intensive care unit of the St. Thomas Hospital in London to a regular ward.

Coronavirus was diagnosed in Johnson on March 27; after this, the prime minister self-isolated at his residence, but the symptoms of the disease did not go away, and 10 days later a decision was made about hospitalization.

how notes Times newspaper, despite the improvement, the prime minister will be able to return to his duties no earlier than a month later.

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Over the past few days, Downing Street has been told that the prime minister’s condition is stabilizing.

Government officials emphasized that Johnson remains conscious and does not require a ventilator.

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The British authorities are not yet ready to say when it will be possible to remove or facilitate the quarantine measures that have been in effect for almost three weeks in the country.

As Deputy Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said on Thursday, it’s too early to talk about how restrictive measures are effective – information about this is still being collected.

At the beginning of next week, at the next meeting of the Extraordinary Committee of COBRA, the measures taken will be discussed, and further decisions should be expected no earlier than the end of next week.

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Britain on the eve reached almost 8 thousand people, the number of infected exceeded 65 thousand.

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According to Raab, the death toll may increase further, but the quarantine measures introduced by the government on March 23 positively affect the situation.

Residents of Britain are encouraged to faithfully implement the recommendations of the government during the Easter holidays, which begin on Friday. Weather forecasters predict a warming of up to +25 degrees these days.

The police warned that it will be in heavy duty to monitor compliance with quarantine standards in the streets and in parks.

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Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the peak incidence of coronavirus in Moscow has not yet arrived. According to him, Moscow is facing serious tests in connection with the outbreak of the virus, and they need to be prepared for.

“When they say that it seems that the peak has come. I tell you for sure that no peak has yet arrived, we are rather at the foot of this peak, not even in the middle,” Sobyanin said in an interview with RIA Novosti, which will be published on Friday .

Sobyanin also said that from Friday authorities will begin to fine quarantine violators who drive around the city in private cars.

“We see all the cars of those who should be quarantined, who move around the city, and from tomorrow [с пятницы] we will already severely punish those who violate this quarantine while driving around the city, “Sobyanin said.

According to him, the measure applies only to those who are in official quarantine – those infected with the coronavirus, their close relatives, people who have been in contact with the sick, and those who have returned from trips abroad.

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