CNN: Why Greece treats the mocker (vid) better than Italy | Plus: Society


In the best words, it “speaks” CNN for Greece and the way it deals with its dispersion mockery!

In a two-minute video, the report, in fact, has a title «Because Greece treats the colonist better than Italy», the big news network refers to the measures it has taken immediately the Greek government, «when even the number of confirmed cases in the country was extremely limited“, As noted characteristically.

In fact, reference is made to “cancellation of all carnival events throughout the territory“, While it is also emphasized that early decision to close schools and restaurants, but also the strict traffic restrictions from March 22. He also shows footage from the daily checks on the country’s streets by the police.

Then no compares the confirmed cases of Greece with the corresponding ones of Italy, which have exceeded 100,000.

His statements are also hosted Vassilis Kikilias, with the Minister of Health saying: “We saw the imminent danger to public health early and for this reason we quickly set up committees of experts-infectious disease specialists-epidemiologists to advise us.».

The video also includes a snapshot of Sotiris Tsiodras emphasizing that “mortality rate and growth rate are currently favorable compared to other countries».


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