COVID-19 measures to be continued after curfew


Going out restrictions will continue for citizens over the age of 65 who have chronic illnesses and those under the age of 20. Among the exceptions, public employees between the ages of 18-20, those who certify that they work in the private sector and seasonal agricultural workers will be able to go out on the streets.

Children and adolescents under 20 years of age who have been diagnosed with “special needs” diagnosed as severe mental retardation, down syndrome, to leave their residences on condition that they comply with the social distance rule and use masks, hand cleaning and hygiene. and they will be allowed to travel around the gardens in the same city limits.

Parents or caregivers of these children and young people will have to have documents such as a proof-of-condition report.

Markets will continue to serve

All small and large markets in the provinces and districts will continue to serve between 09.00-21.00. The number of customers in the market will be one tenth of the total area directly served to the customer.

All markets will announce the maximum number of customers that can be found inside the market by hanging them on the market entries. Markets will also remind that customers waiting to enter should wait at least one meter away.

Bus services between the provinces will continue to be carried out with the permission of the governorships.

Bus services between the provinces will continue with the permission of the governorships. Citizens who are obliged to travel between the provinces will apply to the Travel Permit Board, which will be established under the coordination of governors / district governors, and request a travel document.

For those whose request is deemed appropriate, a “intercity bus travel permit document” will be issued, including the travel route and duration.

All urban and intercity public transportation vehicles (including intercity passenger buses) in the provinces and districts will continue to accept passengers at a rate of 50 percent of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license.

The way the passengers in the vehicle will sit will prevent the passengers from touching each other.

All restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, patisseries and similar establishments with and without drinks will continue to provide services such as takeaway and take-off, without allowing customers to sit down.

Restaurants, restaurants, patisseries and similar workplaces will be lifted to remove the seating areas, and necessary actions will be taken to avoid accepting customers in these areas.

Market / sales places will be arranged at a distance of 3 meters

Clothing, toys, non-essential items will not be allowed to be sold in the neighborhood / district market places in the provinces, districts and towns, where the basic food / cleaning materials such as vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, cleaning materials are met.

In existing market places and new market / sales places determined to distribute the density, market / sales places will be organized with a distance of at least 3 meters between each sales place (counter / exhibition).

It will be ensured that the fresh vegetables and fruits sold unpacked at the market / sales places will be packaged / sold by the marketer tradesmen by paying attention to the hygiene conditions without touching the consumers.

The decision to stop the activities of the barber, hairdresser and beauty centers will continue.


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