The spread of Covid-19 in Spain continues to slow; some companies resume work


In Spain, the spread of Covid-19 continues to slow, with heavy industrial and construction jobs resuming on Monday after a two-week hiatus, but Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said no more than two weeks later will see more tangible easing of restrictions imposed on 14 March.

The number of new infections in the country has risen by 3,477 in a day, the lowest level since March 20, and the number of Covid-19-related deaths has risen by 517, according to the Spanish Ministry of Health.

As a result, in Spain, one of the worst affected countries in the global pandemic, the total number of detected infections has reached 169,496 and the number of Covid-19 victims has reached 17,489.

Hundreds of thousands of heavy industry and construction workers have been allowed to return to work from Monday, but shops and service companies have yet to remain closed, and the government has strongly advised office workers to continue working from home.

Some health experts and regional politicians in Spain have expressed the view that any easing of restrictions is premature.

According to media estimates, around 300,000 people are returning to work in Madrid today. On Monday morning, the capital’s police handed out face masks to suburban residents who went to work on public transport.

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