Scientists say that asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus can occur in 70% of cases – Science


SINGAPORE, April 14th. / TASS /. Scientists from Singapore believe that coronavirus transmission can occur from asymptomatic carriers in about 70% of cases. The newspaper writes about this on Tuesday. The straits times.

“The studies show that from 50% to 70% of already infected with COVID-19 have no symptoms, they can remain in this state for up to four weeks, spreading the virus,” said Lyon Noé Nam, specialist in infectious diseases. True, in his opinion, “even if asymptomatic carriers do not eventually become ill, they will be able to develop immunity, although this will take several years.”

Leo Yi Sin, executive director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases, believes that “transmission of the virus from asymptomatic carriers is one of the main challenges in the fight against coronavirus.” According to her, “the absence or confused symptoms often lead the carriers astray about their condition, and they continue their normal life without realizing the danger of the spread of infection.”

Associate Professor Xu Li Yang, research director of the National University of Singapore’s Infectious Diseases Study Program, noted that “these carriers are very difficult to identify, but they exist.” In his opinion, “tests carried out in droves, including on cruise liners in Germany, Iceland, the Republic of Korea and partly in China, confirm such conclusions.”

To date, in Singapore, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 2.9 thousand, nine people have died.


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