Coronavirus in the USA – more than 9.2 thousand doctors became infected


More than 9.2 thousand doctors infected with coronavirus in the USA
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The virus killed 27 health workers

In the United States, coronavirus was confirmed by more than 9.2 thousand medical staff, of whom 27 died. It is reported CNN.

According to Anne Shuhat, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, 90% of doctors who have confirmed coronavirus have not been hospitalized.

Only 184 patients were admitted to the intensive care unit, 27 people died.

“I think we all realized that the virus is a greater threat than we thought,” said Shukhat.

However, she added that in a pandemic, it is imperative that the medical staff be fully provided with personal protective equipment and remain vigilant.

Recall that in the United States almost 625 thousand people were infected with the coronavirus. 27.5 thousand Americans died from the infection. Over the past day, 2407 people became coronavirus victims in the United States, which is an anti-record for the country.

We add that in New York State residents will be required to wear medical masks in public places. Compliance with the “mask regime” will be monitored by local authorities.


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