Female leaders ‘did not bother’ Covid-19, made a difference to their male colleagues


Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland and Norway …

These 8 economically developed countries have two things in common: they are quite successful in the fight against coronavirus compared to other states and are managed by women leaders.

Taiwan, which is known for its geographical and cultural proximity to China, is undoubtedly one of the most successful countries in the fight against Covid 19.

In this country, which has hundreds of flights every day to many cities in China, there have been 393 cases so far, only 4 people died due to the epidemic.

World leader in fighting Taiwan coronavirus led by Ing-Wen

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen, with a population of about 24 million, declared quarantine nationwide by taking 124 different measures during the first periods of coronavirus spread in January. While no school dormitories, hospitals and public buildings were used in the quarantine process, the outbreak ended before the citizens began to comply with the rules.

Ing Wen is currently sending 10 million masks to Europe and America as part of the fight against Covid 19. US broadcaster CNN announced that Tsai Ing Wen’s most successful state leader in the fight against Covid 19 and Taiwan was the most successful country.

Quarantine continues in Hong Kong, where only 4 people died

Hong Kong has been on the agenda in the past months with pro-democracy street actions led by students. However, the Hong Kong Autonomous Region of China, which is a city-state with a population of 7.5 million nowadays, when the coronavirus is ravaging the world, stands out with its success in the fight against Covid 19.

In Hong Kong, where thousands of Chinese flock from the industrial cities of China, Guanco and Xinjiang, more than 1000 cases have been seen in the country, thanks to the strict measures of President Carrie Lam, while the number of outbreaks was only 4.

Hong Kong suspended the visas of the Chinese who entered the country after the epidemic, and the schools immediately vacationed. A partial curfew was imposed in the country, and traveling outside without a mask was forbidden.

All shops and stalls in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, the two most populous districts in the world, were closed urgently. While schools in the country are currently teaching online over the internet, partial quarantine implementation is still ongoing, except for business and grocery shopping. Those who go out without a mask in Hong Kong are immediately warned by the guards and the public.

Merkel’s Germany ranks first in Europe to combat coronavirus

Germany, with a population of 83 million, is one of the most successful countries in Europe in the fight against coronavirus. Angela Merkel, the woman leader who runs Europe’s largest economy, said that at the very beginning of the Covid 19 epidemic, the disease was very dangerous, and that this virus would infect at least 70 percent of the country.

Although the number of cases in Germany exceeded 130 thousand, the number of deaths due to coronavirus has been one in five countries with high population such as Italy, France, Spain and England where the disease spread rapidly in Europe.

While the average number of casualties in Western Europe was 15 thousand, the loss of life in Germany caused by Covid 19 was only 3,261. Moreover, Germany has a much larger population than other European countries.

Germany also made a big difference to its neighbors in the treatment process of the coronavirus in terms of healthcare and respiratory equipment. The country now accepts Covid 19 patients from Italy and France, and also takes on the treatment costs.

Social media campaign of Finland’s young Prime Minister Sanna Marin succeeded

When dates show December 9, 2019, the 34-year-old young woman, political Sanna Marin, became the youngest prime minister in the world in Finland.

While more than 300 cases of coronavirus have been seen in Finland to date, epidemic loss of life is only 64. One of the biggest reasons for this success was the awareness campaign launched by young Prime Minister Marin using social media phenomena in the country where the internet is very common.

The campaign launched by the internet celebrities called influencer in Finland due to Covid 19 has spread from 7 to 77 in a short time, and the pace of the epidemic has decreased in an instant. People who previously went out of their homes and did not obey the social distance rules, put themselves in quarantine in their homes.

Coronary virus test free of charge in Iceland where 8 outbreaks died

The most distant land of Europe, Iceland, has been running by female Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir since November 2017. In Iceland, which has a population of 360 thousand, nearly 2000 cases of corovavirus have been detected to date. Although this figure is quite high compared to the population of the country, the number of epidemic deaths in Iceland has not reached double digits yet.

Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir announced that the Covid 19 test kits will be brought to the country urgently and announced that these tests will be free to all citizens. When the country’s population is proportioned, the figures reveal that Iceland has 5 times more coronavirus tests than South Korea.

In Iceland, public institutions and schools have not been closed, but thanks to the monitoring system in the country, a symptomatic person is immediately quarantined, regardless of age, and the spread of the disease is prevented.

Norway’s female Prime Minister Solberg’s children use the campaign on the country’s agenda

Norway, one of the highest prosperity countries in the world, has been running by female Prime Minister Erna Solberg since 2013.

Solberg launched an interesting campaign in the country and suddenly drew the agenda to the fight against coronavirus. The 59-year-old female prime minister held a 3-minute press conference, inviting only children by banning adults from entering this conference.

Solberg answered the children’s epidemic questions one by one and managed to pull Covid 19 to the agenda of the country with this move. Solberg expressed that he was very afraid of the epidemic and managed to raise the awareness of the public about the epidemic.

Norway with a population of 5.3 million is not a member of the European Union. While nearly 700 Covid 19 cases have been seen in the country so far, the loss of life was only 139.

Denmark takes Covid 19 under control, measures to be lifted

In Denmark, which has a population of 5.6 million, the 3-minute public address of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen made a lot of noise in the country, schools, public institutions, restaurants, cafes and bars were temporarily closed.

The quarantine and social distance rules have been strictly followed in the country so far, and the number of cases and deaths has suddenly decreased. While 6,500 cases of coronavirus have been seen in Denmark, the number of deaths has been below 300.

The Prime Minister of Denmark noted that as of April 15, education will be resumed in kindergartens and elementary schools, and on May 10, middle and upper classes. Bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls will remain closed.

While the land border remains closed, it is not recommended to go abroad.

Number of deaths from Covid 19 in New Zealand under Jacinda Ardern: 9

New Zealand’s female Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gained the appreciation of the world and especially Islamic countries with her leadership spirit and solidarity in the terrorist attack on Muslims in the country.

New Zealand was one of the first states where the entire country was quarantined due to coronavirus. The highest quarantine rules have been implemented in the country from the very beginning. When 39-year-old Ardern, the government’s leader since October 2017, declared quarantine, there were only 6 coronavirus cases in the country. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 14 days of home quarantine has been applied to everyone who came to the country from abroad.

Thanks to Ardern’s successful management, the number of cases in the country was 1366. The number of epidemic deaths remained at just 9.


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