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According to Elias Mosialos, Greece will return to its full normalcy only if it is found vaccine against coronavirus or treatment.

The representative of Greece in international organizations for the pandemic gave an interview to the main news bulletin of Open and Niki Lymperaki where among other things he mentioned that there is already a complete plan to restore the country to the partial regularity which is being processed.

“In Greece, we are starting to work out a complete plan to return to partial normalcy. There will be no return to full normalcy, as we knew until about the end of February, when there were no restrictions on travel and there was full personal and economic activity, “he said.Mosialos.

Asked how long Greece will be in a state of partial regularity, he replied that this would only happen if an effective treatment or vaccine was found for him. mockery.

“But a cure that will be extremely effective will be able to help all those who suffer from coronary heart disease. I think that when we have a good treatment – this will probably help us as the first pharmacological measure to treat the colon. Only with the vaccine will we be able to eliminate the coronavirus “, Mr. Mosialos stressed.

He added: “We will assess where we are at the end of April and the beginning of May and from there we will judge. We will also compare the results in other countries and decide how to proceed. ”

Regarding vulnerable groups, Mr. Mosialos noted that the goal is to protect them and that restrictions for these groups will not be lifted directly, because these are the most vulnerable groups.

“I’m home for 34 days – I’ll stay another 150 in”

Speaking about the establishment of the Ministry of Health “We stay home”, Mr. Mosialos stressed that he has been at home for 34 days and will not go out for another 150 days because, as he said, a member of his family has had a kidney transplant and if he leaves outside, sticking a joke and bringing him into the house, it will be very dangerous. “It is difficult but we will overcome it,” he said.


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