Levada Center: Coronavirus nullified youth interest in “nullifying Putin” – Society – St. Petersburg News


Coronavirus, discussion of constitutional amendments and “zeroing out” Putin’s terms became key news stories that interested Russian youth on March 5–20, 2019, said Levada Center Wednesday, April 15th.

“Some of the news (for example, about the“ nullification ”of Putin’s presidential terms) became short-term news feeds, giving way to a longer-term trend – the coronavirus epidemic,” a new study by the independent sociology service said.

News about the “nullification” of the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin “has a standard bell-shaped dynamics of the information flow”, the peak of which falls on March 10–11, sociologists note. In March, a change in the Constitution of the Russian Federation became the second most mentioned topic. At least once, 36% of respondents spoke about it.

But the news of the pandemic in Russia and the world was of much greater interest to Russians. They were discussed by 71% and 59% of respondents respectively.

The top 10 most discussed news also included “famous people” (49%), “exchange rates (ruble depreciation, etc.)” (44%), “Constitutional referendum” (38%), “politics” ( 38%), “culture and sport” (36%), “distant work and study” (35%) and “technology, IT, science” (35%).

The research tool was the Telegram bot. 2nd-4th year students at Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics recruited about 150 of their friends who regularly reported on news topics, the source of the news, and their network activities with the news (like, repost, etc.). ANO “Levada Center” is included in the list of foreign agents of the Ministry of Justice.

Earlier it became known that under conditions of forced self-isolation, minor Runet users began to read news more often.


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