The coronavirus as an excuse for 5G? ‘Outright nonsense’


Radio masts have caught fire in various places in recent days. “Although real life is currently becoming more insane and dramatic every day than we could have imagined the day before, I don’t think a 5G conspiracy is an option,” says Pieter Derks in De Nieuws BV.

“The government that uses corona as an excuse to keep us in so they can install the 5G network to put subliminal messages into our brain. It sounds like a far-fetched movie script.” According to Pieter Derks, the stories that circulate about 5G sound like absolute nonsense.

According to Derks, every conspiracy theory always has one huge Achilles heel: “You need capable people for it.” “Moreover, for a global conspiracy you must also be able to work with other countries, and in that respect I am glad that Wopke Hoekstra is there minister, who would kill every possible conspiracy attempt.”

Druktemaker Pieter Derks – 5G corona conspiracy theories

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