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April 16, 22:56

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Now the man is wanted by the police.

A patient born in 1963 escaped from Kryvyi Rih infectious diseases hospital.

Chronicles of coronavirus. Ostanni new

All about the epidemic of coronavirus in quarantine in Ukraine

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This was reported in the Kryvyi Rih police department, reports Ukrinform.

The man was taken to hospital with pneumonia. Tests confirmed a positive result for coronavirus. On April 16, he left the medical facility without permission. Now the police are looking for him.

They also noted that the husband does not have a specific residence.

Earlier it became known that a man with a coronavirus escaped from a psychiatric hospital from the Kharkov regional infectious diseases hospital.

In Ukraine, coronavirus infection was detected in 4161 people, of which 397 cases of infection were recorded over the past day. Since the start of the epidemic, 116 patients with COVID-19 have died.

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