Soso From Big Brother, Doctor in Germany. Fight against Coronavirus


Livia Alexandre,

Like many other people, he too is afraid he might
contract the virus or that many doctors in the hospital they work for would
he could get sick.

“Yes. I’m afraid I’ll get the virus and make those around me sick. I’m afraid the hospital team will get sick. But neither does the firefighter stand in front of a burning house and thinks he’s afraid of fire, but he does his best to limit the damage.

That’s what I’m focusing on now. At first, it was hard for me to get home from work. We, colleagues, were calling, writing to each other to see what was happening. We were very involved with everything.

Now I’ve got into some routine and it’s so much better. Everyone is focused on what to do. We are all aware that the outcome of this crisis depends on us. Each strives to show professionalism: doctors, nurses, nurses.

We do not know in the medium or long term what will happen. In many epidemics, pandemics, the virus undergoes mutations and is no longer pathogenic to humans. So many years can remain present in our lives. Any scenario is possible, “said Soso in an interview for the blog

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