The Italian court entrusted the nurses’ children to the father. She could be infected with coronavirus


Donatella (39) works as a nurse in a small hospital in Anzio, Rome. In 2017, she finally separated from her husband Fabrizio, who usually sees their two ten-year-old children living with their mother only on weekends.

But after quarantine, Fabrizio asked his mother to leave the children with him until the coronavirus crisis calmed down. He argued that she could get infected in the workplace and then pass the disease on to children. After the mother rejected the petition, the father turned to court.

Rather, I get infected when buying

He decided in his favor in early April that Donatella would not be able to embrace his twins until the end of the emergency and would have to settle for video calls because she was too “infected” as a nurse.

The desperate woman now turned to President Sergio Mattarella. “I am proud to be a nurse, but I am not sure I should give up my role as a mother,” she wrote to Il Fatto Quotidiano.

She also reiterated what she said before the court: her hospital is not in the front line to fight covid-19, making it “more likely to get infected if I go shopping than in the workplace.”


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