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The disease claimed 125 lives.

In Ukraine, as of the morning of April 17, the number coronavirus infected increased to 4662 people.

This was stated by spokesman for the Ministry of Health Artem Dekhtyarenko on air “Snidank with 1 + 1 “.

During the day, a record 501 new cases were recorded, of which 91 were physicians and 31 children. The figure has become a new anti-record growth of diseases.

“Over the past day, 60 people recovered and fatal cases of 9 people. That is, in general, there are 4,662 cases in Ukraine in general, including 320 children and 879 medical workers,” Dehtyarenko said.

He added that the result of this increase is the neglect of quarantine by Ukrainians during Palm Sunday celebrations.

The situation in the regions:

  • Vinnytsia region – 296 cases;
  • Volyn region – 122 cases;
  • Dnipropetrovsk region – 89 cases;
  • Donetsk region – 12 cases;
  • Zhytomyr region – 177 cases;
  • Transcarpathian region – 150 cases;
  • Zaporizhzhya region – 118 cases;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region – 427 cases;
  • Kirovograd region – 218 cases;
  • m. Kiev – 705 cases;
  • Kiev region – 253 cases;
  • Lviv region – 203 cases;
  • Lugansk region – 9 cases;
  • Nikolaev region – 22 cases;
  • Odessa region – 93 cases;
  • Poltava region – 41 cases;
  • Rivne region – 240 cases;
  • Sumy region – 81 cases;
  • Ternopil region – 353 cases;
  • Kharkov region – 56 cases;
  • Kherson region – 51 cases;
  • Khmelnitsky region – 38 cases;
  • Chernivtsi region – 759 cases;
  • Cherkasy region – 137 cases;
  • Chernihiv region – 12 cases.

Recall March 11 The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced quarantine for three weeks throughout Ukraine to counter the coronavirus from China. The Cabinet proposed the establishment of restrictions on mass events in which 200 or more people are scheduled to participate. But this does not apply to measures of state necessity. Sporting events are possible with the permission of international organizations, without spectators. Also Ukraine closes borders. Work metro as well as automobile, railway and air communication between cities and regions of March 18 in Ukraine will also be temporarily limited. A number of regions closed educational institutions and imposed a number of severe restrictions – from closing of public catering establishments before the ban on departure and entry into cities.

2 weeks after that, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced an emergency regime throughout Ukraine and extended quarantine for a monthuntil April 24th. April 3 quarantine tightened: Introduced a compulsory 14-day observation for people arriving from abroad, forbade more than two people to travel the streets, except in cases of escorting children.

In Ukraine, March 3 recorded the first case of infection with coronavirus COVID-19. The inhabitant of the Chernivtsi region turned out to be infected. He shortly before returned with his wife from Italy. On the evening of March 12 two more cases of coronavirus infection officially confirmed in Ukraine. Infections were recorded in the Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr regions. A woman from the Zhytomyr region died of infection, becoming the first victim of COVID-19 in Ukraine.

After that about detecting coronavirus began to report in other areas. The epicenters of the outbreak in Ukraine were the Chernivtsi region and the city of Kiev, where the disease is diagnosed the most. For current news regarding the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, the number of patients and fatal cases, as well as the means of control of COVID-19, follow on the website TSN.ia.

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Coronavirus outbreak: every fourth person infected in Ukraine is a medic

Every fourth person infected in Ukraine is a doctor. In total, nearly eight hundred health workers fell ill with coronavirus. In the Vinnitsa region infected 90 doctors. A third of them are in the Kalinovskaya district hospital, they are on self-isolation. Doctors and nurses suspect that they have been infected by patients. More about coronavirus in Ukraine

Coronavirus outbreak: every fourth person infected in Ukraine is a medic


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