Manolas for a joke: I am quiet for my family in Greece


Sputnik Greece

The Greek central defender, who is playing in Italy, spoke about the coroner’s pandemic and his family who are in Naxos.

Costas Manolas gave an interview to Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and referred to the situation prevailing in Greece with the pandemic of coronary heart disease.

“The situation in my country is much better than in Italy. I am happy because there are no cases in Naxos. That’s why I’m quiet about my family, even if they’re locked in the house like us. We want to go back to the stadium and you can see that from how we work in our home. We are all ready to go on. I am watching the program given to us by the coaches “, he said.

The Greek central defender of Napoli also referred to the games and stressed that Gattuso is doing an excellent job, since even now he keeps in touch with everyone and gives them the motivation to continue working even at home which is worse than working at the sports center. .

“I have a very good relationship with my coach. I’m the first one to shout in training, but I know he does it to encourage me. He always wants the best of everyone and I think he knows how to get it. I didn’t know him, but I saw what he did in Milan and I think he did wonders. We all need to be leaders. We are all the same, although with different roles, but we must all be leaders, “he said.


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