Naomi Campbell laments: “I lost people to a joke. Keep your faith “


THE Naomi Campbell stays home, makes sure to follow all the rules and safety precautions mockery and sends its own messages.

One of her last posts on her personal Instagram account was very moving after she revealed that she lost her own people “hit” by the deadly virus.

“Going to the fourth week, these next two weeks will be more difficult, every day this week I lost someone I know, there is no time to mourn or be there for our loved ones. Please keep your faith strong! Breathe, rest and come back. Keep your spirits up and your attitude positive! I am sending you love, “he wrote characteristically.

It is known that the famous model is very afraid of viruses and germs. Now he has a serious reason to take the necessary precautions when leaving the house or when he comes in contact with another person.


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